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Wednesday Low Impact Aerobics Class

The Low Impact Aerobics Class begins with 30 minutes of aerobic activities followed by 15 minutes of movements with hand weights, and finishes with 15 minutes of floor exercises and a cool down.

Each class begins with scripture readings and prayer followed by movements to lively uplifting music. The ladies can talk and exercise at the same time, covering a lot of topics and sharing important information such as the all-important restaurant reports. The class members enjoy their fellowship even more as they occasionally go to one of the recommended restaurants to celebrate birthdays and special events.

The classes have a two-fold purpose, and that is to offer the physical activities to develop healthy minds, bodies and spirits as well as providing for those who are in need through the various missions that are supported by monies raised through the exercise program.

The classes are not limited to church members and are open to the public so bring a friend, relative or neighbor and join the fun and fellowship offered to those who participate in the Tyner UMC exercise classes.


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