Infant Nursery (Room 201)
For parents not comfortable with their infant being around older children, this room is equipped with cribs, a changing station, tummy time area, excersaucer, etc.

One Year Old Nursery (Room 112)
For the more “mobile” child, this room is beautifully decorated to portray Noah’s Ark. They can play with books, blocks, play sets and more.

Two—Five Year Old Nursery (Room 111)
In this larger room, children can run around and have a blast playing with play-doh, kitchen sets, cars, blocks, coloring and more. Please note if your child is over five years old and isn’t ready to sit through worship service, they’re welcome to come to nursery.

Preschool—2nd Grade Sunday School
Your child will learn many Bible stories interactively. The class provides children the opportunity to act out stories from the Bible in a loving, caring, supportive environment.
Led by Kelly McKeethan

3rd—5th Grade Sunday School
(Room: Club 412)
Teacher: Nancy Bain