I will call upon God and the LORD will deliver me.
In the evening, in the morning, and at noonday, I will complain and lament and He will hear my voice.
He will bring me safely back…God, who is enthroned of old, will hear me. Psalm 55: 16 & 17
David is very confident in God. He knows for sure that if ‘I call’, God hears and acts. and God is sure to hear us when we call. In Matthew 7 Jesus says, “Ask, and God will give to you.” God needs us to cooperate with Him and not be too proud to come to Him several times daily to ask for what we need. There’s nothing too big, nothing too small to ask for. He delights to give to us as we delight to give to our children.
David writes in Psalm 66:16, “All of you who fear God, come and listen and I will tell you what He has done for me.”

Remind us to call, remind us to ask, and remind us of how very much you love us and how very much you have done for us. Remind us to tell others what you have done for us and will do for them if they will come to Him. We love you. We thank you in Jesus name, Amen.

by Alberta Keylon, for the Prayer Ministry