Second Thursday of Each Month
2:00 PM
for 1-1/2—2 hours
Tyner United Methodist Church

The Prayer Shawl Ministry, started in 1998 by two ladies in Connecticut, has quickly grown into an international cause with countless numbers of shawls given to recipients around the world. The ministry’s message of caring is simple and enduring, and we have seen time and again that the creation and the presentation of a prayer shawl, like all acts of generosity, enriches the giver as well as the recipient.

The Prayer Shawl Ministry at Tyner began in September, 2009. The thought behind organizing this ministry was that we have so many in need of prayer, and because we wanted to do more than just say “we are praying for you.” We are able to offer tangible evidence to those for whom we are praying. As much as we would like to, we cannot begin to take a shawl to everyone on the list.

Because of the six wonderful dedicated persons participating in this ministry, we have made approximately 70 shawls in a little less than two years. Before taking a shawl to someone, Pastor Charlie blesses it, and we include a card that states what a prayer shawl is all about. When we start a new shawl and throughout the making of it, we pray that whomever receives it will be blessed and comforted, whatever their problem may be. It could be someone seriously ill, someone who has lost a loved one, someone having a complicated surgery or a patient in a nursing home. Occasionally, we have given one to someone in appreciation.

We have been overwhelmed at the response received from some of our recipients, and have been blessed in the giving of our talents and time. It is so gratifying and makes us feel very humble.

If anyone knits or crochets (or used to) and would like to join us, we welcome you. If you are unable to attend the meetings, you may still be a member and make shawls at home in your free time. Actually, this is when we do most of our knitting or crocheting.