HOLY VESSELS – Restoration

Thank you for joining us for worship today! We are excited to have you with us as we continue the “Holy Vessels” series with this message from Pastor Amanda titled “Restoration.”

HOLY VESSELS – Different Pictures

We’re glad to have you worshiping with us as Pastor Amanda continues our Lenten series “Holy Vessels” with this message on “Different Pictures.”


Pastor Amanda continues the series “Holy Vessels” with this moving message on “Stories.” In this service, Pastor Amanda offers some encouragement to those who struggle with mental health issues; if you or anyone you know is ever in need, we would love to help in any way we can! We pray this service blesses you richly this week.

HOLY VESSELS | Safe Keeping

We are glad to have you worship with us today! We pray this service blesses you as Pastor Amanda continues to lead us through the series Holy Vessels with the message “Safe Keeping.”


***AUDIO ISSUE*** – Sound in the recording does not begin until approximately 7:49.