Weird View of Money

Pastor Ty finishes the “Weird” series with this message on being good stewards of money and the blessings of God titled “Weird View of Money.”

Weird Way to Save the World

We’re glad you have joined us for worship today! Pastor Ty continues the sermon series WEIRD with today’s message “Weird Way to Save the World.” We pray this worship service blesses you and bolsters your faith today!


November 8, 2020.

Weird View of Death

We pray this service blesses you! Thank you for worshipping with us!


November 1, 2020.

Weird Desires

We’re glad to have you worshiping with us! We pray this service blesses you and enriches your faith!


October 25, 2020.

Weird Is Better

Join us for worship as Pastor Ty leads us in the second week of the “Weird” series with the message “Weird is Better.” We pray this service blesses you!


October 18, 2020.