Organizing for Success

We’re so glad to have you join us for worship! As we draw near to the end of the series “Building for the Future,” Rev. Amanda Dean continues to lead us through our messages on Nehemiah. In this week’s message, Pastor Amanda shares with us about how Nehemiah and his people organized together for the rebuilding of the wall in Jerusalem and the lessons we can learn about “Organizing for Success.”

Let’s Start Rebuilding

Thank you for joining us for worship! We were ecstatic in this worship service to have the principal and a teacher from Tyner Middle Academy join us for worship! It was a great opportunity to celebrate our partnership with them and pray for them. Pastor Amanda continued the Building For the Future series with the message “Let’s Start Rebuilding.”

Assessing the Damage

We’re so glad to have you joining us for worship through this service! Pastor Amanda continues leading us through the series “Building For the Future” with this timely message about our need to recognize what damages are present; we must face the reality of what needs work before we can begin building for the future. We pray this service encourages you!

What Breaks Your Heart?

Pastor Amanda continued week 2 of “Building for the Future” with this message about Nehemiah’s heartbreak over the state of Jerusalem. Pastor Amanda challenges us to ask what breaks our hearts as we consider how God can use that to call us into the future.

A Legacy of Faith

We were incredibly blessed in this service to celebrate the lives of our “Nifty 90s,” a group of 15 of our members who are in their 90s and still worshiping! During this time of honoring those folks, Pastor Amanda kicks us off into a new series called “Building for the Future.” This 7-week series on the book of Nehemiah began with the message “A Legacy of Faith.”