THE TABLE // Everyday Disciples: Affirm Resurrection Hope

This week, we began streaming our 11:00am modern worship service, The Table! We will continue to stream both services, the traditional at 9:00am and The Table at 11:00am. In this service, Pastor Amanda led us through the conclusion of our Everyday Disciples series with a hopeful message honoring those we have lost for All Saints Day.


****NOTE: We did experience a sound issue at the start of the livestream; sound begins at 17:25 minutes into the video****

We All Are One – World Communion Sunday

On this World Communion Sunday, we are grateful to have Rev. Clair Sauer lead us in worship as Pastor Amanda is away on vacation. Rev. Sauer shared a wonderful message with us about unity as we celebrated communion together.

Communion of Saints

We are glad to have you join us for worship today! In this service for All Saints’ Sunday, we honored and remembered those we have lost in the last year. We pray you take a moment during the service to remember before God those you have lost as well. Pastor Amanda begins a new 3-week series titled “Giving Thanks” as we approach Thanksgiving! Thanks for being with us!

Let’s Start Rebuilding

Thank you for joining us for worship! We were ecstatic in this worship service to have the principal and a teacher from Tyner Middle Academy join us for worship! It was a great opportunity to celebrate our partnership with them and pray for them. Pastor Amanda continued the Building For the Future series with the message “Let’s Start Rebuilding.”

Outward Sign, Inward Grace: Communion

We are so thankful to have you worship with us! In this service, Pastor Amanda Dean concludes the second part of a mini-series on sacraments with a message on communion. Pastor Amanda walks us through the liturgy and Scriptures about communion, explaining why we believe and behave as we do. We pray you are blessed by this service!