New Year, Old Promises // Week 1

Happy New Year and welcome to 2023 at Tyner United Methodist Church! We are glad to have you with us for this service when we celebrated our leaders and the joining of a new member; everyone be sure to welcome Nicole! Pastor Amanda started us off in a new series called “New Year, Old Promises” to help us start a new year off by looking back to the promises God has already made to us.

Next Generation Sunday – How Big Is Your Table?

We are so glad to have you worship with us! In this combined worship service the week of Thanksgiving, we came together to celebrate Next Generation Sunday. Many of our children joined in helping us lead worship as we talked about empowering the next generation and being grateful for the blessings we have today.

THE TABLE // Everyday Disciples: Affirm Resurrection Hope

This week, we began streaming our 11:00am modern worship service, The Table! We will continue to stream both services, the traditional at 9:00am and The Table at 11:00am. In this service, Pastor Amanda led us through the conclusion of our Everyday Disciples series with a hopeful message honoring those we have lost for All Saints Day.


****NOTE: We did experience a sound issue at the start of the livestream; sound begins at 17:25 minutes into the video****