Weird Is Better

Join us for worship as Pastor Ty leads us in the second week of the “Weird” series with the message “Weird is Better.” We pray this service blesses you!


October 18, 2020.

Why Would God Use Me? (Why? Part 5)

We pray you and your family are doing well and growing in your faith daily! We hope this service encourages your faith. This worship service was filmed at our 11:00am service on Sunday, September 27.

Why? (Part 4)

We were grateful to return to in-person worship on this Sunday, September 20th! We pray you are blessed by this worship service!

Why? (Part 3)

Join us for worship with this Sunday morning worship service from September 13.

Who Has a Map?

This week our District Superintendent, Rev. Reed Shell, shared a message of hope with us. He spoke about God leading his people out of Egypt and to the Promised Land and how still today modern Christians should trust the leading of God in difficult times.