Mark these dates on your calendar!

August 10th  
 Lunch at Amicalola Falls, GA and free time at Dahlonega, GA 

 ***Please note that there is as much or as little walking as you want on this trip!  Hal will drive the bus as close to the falls as possible.   If you choose not to take a walk up to it you will still be able to see it from the bus.  Also, in Dahlonega, there is outdoor seating available for those who do not want to shop.  Cost $30 Deadline July 30th

August 21st
Spring City – Celebration for a Total Solar Eclipse

*** This is a once in a life time opportunity.  The last total eclipse in Spring City was in 1506.  It has been advertised on the Internet as one of the best places in the world to view the eclipse.

Vendors will have food available at the viewing site.  We have not set a price yet.  Special glasses have to be worn so we are checking those costs and will let you know soon about the total cost.

September 14th 
Mercier’s Apples and Pat’s Kitchen for lunch Cost – $28

October 8-13

6 day trip includes***Abingdon, VA for lunch at Martha Washington Inn and a play at the Barter Theater, Gettysburg National Military Park and Eisenhower’s summer home, 2 nights in Pennsylvania Amish Country with a play at the acclaimed presentation of Jacob’s Choice and The Story of Jonah at the Sight and Sound Theater, Philadelphia’s historic district with city tour on the bus with a local guide and dinner at Moshulu, the world’s oldest and largest four-masted Tall Ship docked in the harbor, Hershey PA, and travel from Roanoke on the last day arriving at the church about 3:30.  

November 9th

Gibbs Gardens Fall Festival – The artistry of superior landscape design melds with the perfection of Nature to create a garden experience like no other!  ***Tour of the gardens with fall flowers in bloom along with the Japanese Red Maples Colorfest.  There is a tram available to the different sections, and then limited walking to the specific areas.  The tram cuts the walking time in half.  There are also scooters available for rental.  Lunch will be included with this trip.