After another brief closure, we are excited to say that beginning Sunday, September 20th, Tyner UMC will resume holding in person worship services in our sanctuary at 11 AM. We will serve the guidelines that we implemented when we opened in July. Please bring your personal masks, however, know that masks are provided when needed.
It is my prayer that those whose health is not compromised and feel comfortable and safe in getting out, to come and worship with us. We respect each person and household with the decision they feel is best for them.
Let us all be in prayer for our services as we come together again. Many have been looking forward to this day for a long time. Feel free to invite others whose churches may not yet be reopened as well as those who do not have a church home.

Blessings in Christ,
Pastor Ty

JUNE 19, 2020 UPDATE:

We’re excited to announce that we have been approved to resume in-person worship services starting Sunday, June 21! The services will look much different under the current social distancing guidelines, but we are glad to be able to be together again. We will be having one service at 11:00am each Sunday at the current time. For those that are not able or comfortable returning to in-person worship yet, we will be live streaming our 11:00am service on Facebook, our YouTube channel, and here on the website (click “Sermons” above and find “Live Stream” in the drop down menu).

God bless!!


MARCH 16, 2020:

Dear Tyner UMC Family and Friends,       

     Grace, mercy and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ!

     I would like to share with you some important information regarding our response to the current Coronavirus crisis. I have had separate conversations with church leaders, and we are unanimous in the actions we are taking.

     Effective immediately, all services, meetings, classes, programs and events relative to Tyner UMC are suspended until further notice.

     We do not wish to overreact to the current situation.  However, we must be responsible Christians and not put any of our folks in jeopardy of contracting this relatively unknown virus.  First, we love the people of our congregation so much that we want you to know that we care about you and want to watch out for the most vulnerable among us, namely our children, our seniors, and those with compromised immune systems. Second, suspending our gatherings to create “social distance” is a responsible decision that models a Christian concern for the physical and spiritual wellbeing of all our members and friends. We want to be proactive so that we help in the cause of alleviating pressure on our hospitals and medical personnel.  The Coronavirus has all of us on edge as we struggle to figure out how to adjust to best practices in order to keep ourselves safe and others safe as well.

     Hospitals, nursing homes, and the like are suspending all in-person visitation. I still want to be able to pray and visit with you before and after surgery, and also visit with those who are critically ill.  But I must limit my non-essential visiting, so as to not mistakenly contract the virus and possibly be the cause of infecting others. Please make me aware of pending surgeries and hospitalizations so that I may pray with you over the phone the day before your surgery.   

     The Finance Team and I want to thank you for the ways you financially support the mission and ministry of Tyner UMC.   Ongoing financial support for our mission and ministry is crucial. A large percentage of our weekly income comes through Sunday giving in the offering plate. A drop in regular giving would devastate our mission and outreach capabilities. Your continued generosity, regardless of how or where we gather for worship, will enable Tyner UMC to have a consistent flow of resources.

     Finally, this:  PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for the medical personnel, first responders, research scientists, government officials, our most vulnerable persons, and those who are infected.  I know this is a challenging time, but I also know that the people of God do their best work at such a time as this, and our faithful God will see us through.

     Thank you for your faithfulness and understanding. 

In Christ’s Service,

Pastor Ty Harrison

March 16, 2020