I met my beautiful wife when we were both taking the same computer class at Chattanooga State Community College. We were married about a year later. We have three grown children and three grandchildren.

My hobbies are antique cars and woodcarving and my favorite sports team is Vols football.

My favorite  food is good ole’ country cooking (cornbread, pinto beans, fried chicken, mashed potatoes).

My favorite movies would be the old westerns that I grew up watching.


The person that influenced my Christian faith the most would be my mother. She made sure that I attended church each Sunday which became my foundation for my Christian faith and I thank her for that. After my mother died at much too young of an age from cancer, I walked away from the church for a while, but her faithfulness in my Christian upbringing never left me and I always knew in my heart that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.

After my retirement from the corporate world, I was given the opportunity to work at Tyner UMC in the Media department. I have always felt that this opportunity was given to me by God to help in making His church a blessing to our community.

I was hired as a part-time staff member of Tyner UMC in May of 2015 to create media for the church which includes the display of song lyrics, sermon notes, and announcements. I also help maintain all aspects of computer equipment which includes the updating of computer software and equipment repair and needed supplies such as batteries, cds, etc.

I love Tyner UMC because of its mission (Lead, Disciple, Serve) and the many friends I have made here. This truly is a loving Church.


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