Beginning Again

Tyner UMC is excited to welcome our new senior pastor, Rev. Amanda Dean! Amanda and her husband Justin joined us for their first Sunday with our church family as we celebrated Independence Day. Pastor Amanda delivered a message titled “Beginning Again” about the new beginnings we have together as a church family and the opportunities we have as the people of God to share His love with others. We hope you are blessed by this service and that you will join us in praying for Amanda and Justin!

Being a Church of Pentecost

We’re glad to have you join us for worship today! We pray you are blessed by this service and reminded of the power and presence of the Holy Spirit through this message about Pentecost.

The Blessing of Stewardship

Join us for worship as Pastor Ty leads us through part 2 of a series on church membership! This message uses Acts 4 to teach us about the blessings of stewardship. We pray that you are blessed by this service!

The Blessing of Fellowship: Prayers and Presence

Join us for worship as Pastor Ty begins a sermon series on the importance of being a part of the local church. Pastor Ty’s message today emphasizes the blessings of prayers and presence through fellowship. God bless you!

Pentecost’s Power to the People

Join us for worship this Pentecost Sunday as Pastor Ty brings a message about the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, as well as a dramatic reading and song from the Worship Team.